What Local Businesses Should Know About Mobile Websites

Local and small businesses believe they have the competitive edge if they have a mobile website. They do but however, in this day and age, that’s not enough. Mobile websites shouldn’t be just responsive, users should be able to navigate websites easily. When users have an experience where they are just scrolling through to try and find information, it is time consuming and complex. Instead, the business owner should ensure that any user, regardless of phone type, can go on his website and have a good experience. For example, Google Chrome’s mobile emulator will emulate your main website experience into mobile and create an easy-to-use navigation experience for the user.

Business owners also have to check if they are providing relevant information to users, but the key is, when these users are on the move. For example, can users access the location of the business, directions, and a map with one click? The best way to ensure these details is to see how the user experience is on each type of phone, including iPhone and Android. The business owner should ask herself these key questions: Can I easily access all the information I want quickly? Are my pages readable on the move? If action is required, such as making a purchase, is this easy to do? If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to rework the website’s mobile friendliness. If the answer is “yes,” the business owner can rest assured the user is receiving the best experience possible and will be motivated to return to the site.

Mobile traffic details need to be measured. For example, the business owner must know the traffic details of mobile v. website v. tablet. These details include: bounce rates, conversion rates, and revenue—which are all vital to a small business. Google Analytics provides a mobile overview report that has all of this information. SearchEngineLand.com recommends another helpful strategy: “A benchmarking report allows you to see whether your website is on par with similar sites. Paying attention to conversions on mobile or points when users drop off can also help identify if a mobile website is effective.” For instance, if a business owner has a chimney sweeping website, he can see if other chimney sweeping sites or something similar are doing better or worse in regard to mobile friendliness.

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