The Importance of a Social Media Stream

A social media stream is vital to increasing and maintaining business. You may be asking yourself, what is a social media stream? It is a combination of all the places you post on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Having this stream of constant updates is important because it connects your business with prospective clients and keeps you in contact with current clients. And it keeps your network of social sites fresh with content. So users can take the pulse of your business.

For example, if you own a brewery, you may use a hashtag on Twitter that has to do with beer brewing. That same hashtag may be used on Instagram, and some of the same followers may follow your business in both places. Hence you are creating a social media stream.

What makes a social media stream successful and effective is the consistency of each post or article on a social media site. For instance, if you are posting a well-written, well-thought-out article or post on Facebook, you want to maintain the same level on LinkedIn. The same rule applies to photos and videos, which should look clear and professional, even at the amateur level. Another successful element is timeliness. In this age of constant movement, no one cares what happened yesterday. Your followers want to know what is happening now, today, and in the future. Using the previous example of the brewery, it is vital that events are promoted on your social media stream and in consistent and different ways. For instance, on Instagram, you could post a photo of an upcoming, exciting new beer, while on Twitter you could quickly mention a beer quote. In both posts, you can link to the upcoming event, thus promoting it on your stream.

A recipe for success is to link to other resources that have interest and value. If you see a great article in a major online newspaper or website or you find a great video, link to it on your social media stream. For example, if you find a relevant and well-done article on the Huffington Post about breweries creating jobs, you can link to it on LinkedIn and add your own thoughts in the initial post.

Another aspect of the social media stream is that it helps to optimize your business’s website for key terms. The social sites are technically pages on popular websites and the links back to you main site can help with certain terms. This way, if someone catches or follows your social media stream, she or he can look up your website using key terms and find your business. If someone does a search for “IPA brewery Madison Wisconsin,” your brewery could come up on the first page of Google if you’ve optimized your website correctly. In turn, this is not only helping your business, it is helping the customer find what she or he is searching for. Then when the potential customer reaches your website, you can help her or him by telling your story with great content, a consistent social media stream, and updated events.

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