Google’s mobile-first index: Is your website ready?

I think most of us would confess to using our smartphones as our go-to devices for web searching and browsing. Given the on-the-go nature of our lives, our mobile phones are always with us and easily accessible. For this reason, at Qseeker we understand the importance of optimizing clients’ websites for search engines across both desktop AND mobile versions. Recently, news broke that Google has started testing its mobile-first index for search engine rankings, which means Google plans to first look at the mobile version of a website and then turn to the desktop version if a mobile one does not exist.

As Barry Schwartz notes in his article Google begins mobile-first indexing, using mobile content for all search rankings on Search Engine Land, Google is currently indexing the desktop version of websites even though there are more daily mobile searches than desktop searches. According to Google, using mobile-first indexing will “make our results more useful.” Schwartz also lists some of Google’s recommendations to prepare for the upcoming change.

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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm To Roll Out Over a Week

Another fun algorithm from Google, but this one seems long overdue. If your website is not “mobile friendly,” that will drastically affect its ranking in the search engine of Google. It actually makes sense in regard to how users search these days. Many users have abandoned computers and laptops for the convenience of searching on their smartphones. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly, or you simply don’t know if it is, it is best to find out. First, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to see if your website passes the mobile-friendly test. Another great way to find out quickly is to search for your website on Google and see if the gray “Mobile-friendly” label comes up as the first words in your website’s description or summary. If it does, Google recognizes your website as mobile-friendly; if not, you have some problem solving to do.

First of all, let’s discuss the algorithm itself. Why is it so major? Because of the aforementioned smartphone reason listed above and it will be a significantly larger algorithm than both Panda and Penguin…so anyone who knows Google knows that is huge. Your website will be affected for the worst in regard to search rankings if it’s not mobile-friendly, and there’s no way around it. It’s no wonder webmasters are having a collective freakout over this algorithm. You have to be prepared and know a few facts. The first is the algorithm rollout will be on April 21, 2015 and it will take a week to completely roll out. That gives you time to become mobile-friendly. The second major element is there is no “maybe, I’m kinda mobile-friendly.” No. Google has stated your website is either mobile friendly or it’s not. And you will know by the mobile-friendly gray label in the Google search results or by taking the mobile-friendly test.

What do you do if you find that your website is not mobile-friendly? Either you can fix it yourself by way of the Google guides or you can discuss it with your website developer. However, if neither of those are options, we at Qseeker are happy to help make your website mobile-friendly. We understand platform, theme, and most importantly, how to achieve a top search ranking in the Google results.

Please contact us at We are happy to discuss the options of making your website mobile-friendly, and the best part is, we will do it for you. We’ve had years of expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content creation, and management of websites, especially in regard to top search results in Google. If you’d like to make your website mobile-friendly, please contact us at 617-816-2969 or use our contact form.

How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

Why is it so important to make a website mobile-friendly? You may look at your website and say, “it looks just fine.” However, it’s now crucial that your website is mobile friendly, because Google will begin to judge a website’s search engine ranking on its mobile friendliness. This change will occur in April 2015. The first step to making your website mobile friendly is to take the Mobile-Friendly Test provided by Google. Type the name of your web page’s URL into the search browser and click on Analyze. If your site is mobile friendly, then you are set. If your site is not mobile friendly, there may be several reasons why. Common reasons are the text is too small to read, the links are too close together, or the mobile viewport is not set, for example.

Further examine the Mobile-Friendly Test and see how Googlebot views your website’s homepage on a smartphone. For example, the analysis may say something like this: “This page uses 22 resources which are blocked by robots.txt.” You will see how a smartphone user views your homepage. The text may appear very small and certain important parts of the page may not show up on the screen. Nowadays, with so many other options, users will move on to the next website—or even worse, your competitor’s site—if your website looks unprofessional or is impossible to read. Your next step is to fix all of these issues by making the website mobile friendly.

The analysis should show what platform your website uses. For instance, if you use WordPress, Google provides a guide for how to fix your issues in WordPress specifically. Either you or your developer can use this guide to make your website mobile friendly. The same goes with other common platforms. If you are using WordPress, for instance, it may simply require a switch or upgrade of your website’s theme and voila, your website is now mobile friendly. Often, though, issues are more complicated than that and a developer or expert is necessary to take your website into the realm of mobile friendliness.

If the latter sentence describes you, a business owner who wants a high search engine ranking, but you don’t have the technical knowhow, please contact us at We are happy to discuss the options of making your website mobile friendly, and the best part is, we will do it for you. We’ve had years of expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and creation and management of websites, especially in regard to top search results in Google. If you’d like to make your website mobile friendly, please contact us at 617-816-2969 or use our contact form.