Quick SEO – Tip Leveraging your sales team for SEO

Do you have members of your sales organization that specialize? Do they know a particular  product or service inside and out? Is there a certain type of deal that they are hunting down? They are doing everything they can to prospect and cultivate new leads. Everyday they may find nuggets of what customers want, what questions they have, what concerns they have. This is powerful information that can be used on your website. These customer insights can help uncover new keywords that could translate into a major deal. So ask your sales team to generate new keywords. No one has a better pulse on your customers.

SEO Lessons from The Lean Start-up – When to Pivot or Persevere with your SEO Strategy

Earlier in the year I read The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries – The idea is that there is a scientific approach to start-ups and getting the results you want. Ries presents the idea of pivoting or persevering, changing when the fundamentals of the start-up don’t work or staying the course when they do. Do you scrap it? Change it or keep going?

One of the main points in the book is that you need to get a product / service out there in its most basic form so that customers can react and engage with it so you learn the basic principle of whether there is a market for the product beyond your own exceptions and instincts. Does this product / business deserve to exist and can it support itself?

I beleive that this idea lends itself perfect to SEO. If you are not getting results in a given niche for your site – then you might need to address fundamentals. In a way this is one of very the foundations of SEO. Change is constant whether it is a Google Update, a new advance in technology, or a new competitor – you need to be both proactive and reactive. You need to keep moving the needle upwards for your business and change instantly if you don’t or if you can’t.

If you are having problems with your SEO results – please contact me today to discuss whether you should pivot or persevere.
Francis McGovern