Local SEO for a Professional Service Provider with Multi-offices

Local Office Optimization is an important aspect of any local SEO program. We have worked with a number of firms that serve a specific geographic area. Businesses such as Attorneys, Professional Service Providers, Hospitality, Custom Home Construction etc. What’s important to remember is that you are “storytelling” the potential of that region. In order to position well you need to develop a content footprint for that region so that your site is considered relevant.

You want to make sure that you have a main landing page for each office that’s optimizing for the City or region name. For example in the Northeast people might reference a large Metropolitan region, whereas down in the southern states they might reference a county. Keep in mind you’re trying to paint a picture of all the amenities and features and benefits of that region, for example the easy commute, the great schools, the mountains and rivers, and the wildlife. Not only can you write about those geographic features and the benefits of living in that area but you can also help tell the story of the community and the news and events with each blog piece or social media piece. This can add a layer to your SEO and reinforce your strategy.

Small Business Content Marketing: Is it Worth It?

As a small business with limited time and resources, you may be wondering if content marketing is really worth it? With larger companies that have greater funds and more employees, it may seem like an easier question for them to answer. But all companies, both large and small, can reap the benefits of content marketing, especially when new content is created consistently and promoted effectively.

For small businesses, your content will reflect your niche and will be a key driver for how prospective clients will find you online. Your content marketing strategy needs to focus on your target audience, the keywords those potential clients are using, the type of content you will create and how often, and how you will track your effectiveness (i.e. conversion tracking, etc.). These efforts will be worth your while when you see your traffic and sales increase.

Qseeker can help you create a content marketing and overall search engine marketing plan to drive the right customers to your small business online. If you have any questions, please contact Francis McGovern at 617-816-2969 for more information.

SEO, Local Search Rules in 2015

What Google and other search engines are ranking as important is old school. In other words, the world of SEO is morphing a bit yet again. The Pigeon update really shook things up, and the result is search engines are going back to traditional web-ranking factors to determine local search rankings. This means website content is crucial for local businesses to be found in searches. If this describes you, it may be time to change your strategy.

Let’s talk about the way you post on your blog. Do you post just to have content? If so, this practice could be potentially damaging. Instead, you should have a purpose to each post and have a subject that engages your local audience. For instance, if you own a local roofing company and want more clients, there are a plethora of subjects to write about, and it’s best to keep them seasonal. For example, the crippling amount of snow some parts of the Northeast have received this winter is severely damaging roofs. It is causing ice damming and roof leakages. You can write one blog about ice damming, perhaps giving advice on how to avoid it, signs that you have it, and when to call you, the experience roofer. Another blog post could be about roof leakages, what may be causing them, and when to contact you, the roofing expert.

That leads to the next step of defining your audience. Think about your target audience and who you would like to reach. For instance, using the aforementioned roofer example, big apartment buildings may do contracts with roofers and that may be a boon for your business. Therefore, you would want to target property management companies who handle buildings and complexes. Or maybe you would like to target the individual homeowner, and thus she has a more DIY style of using a roof rake to clear snow before she calls in a roofer. This would call for two different types of advice: the property management company is looking for quality and experience in maintenance and problem-solving, while the homeowner is seeking advice online first and then calling a roofer when she knows she can’t solve the problem.

You also have to think about your company’s voice that is used in the blog. The voice can be a more relaxed, layman’s type of style, or it can be very professional. These days some blogs opt for creative-type voices that use humor or wit, or even talk about provocative topics, depending on the business. Either way, you have to think about the best voice for your business and maintain it on your blog. Your audience will appreciate a consistent voice, since it will know what to expect. If you choose to hire a professional writer, make sure she has references and clips, and that her voice is right for your company.

This blog was inspired by an article on Search Engine Land