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SEO for Private Schools and Universities

If you are the head of school at a private school or the director of communications at a private school or college, you are faced with many challenges. Not only do you have to help maintain the quality of the educational experience of your students, but you are also watching over their welfare, communicating to parents, managing and directing a complex Website that has to be updated with both public information and complex private information behind a firewall. Not to mention you are managing a network of sites – can you say social media? You also have to make sure that these Websites communicates the mission of the school to multiple constituencies inside the school and outside the school at the same time. Read more about SEO for Schools…

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and 3.3 Million Retweets)

It’s the feeling in the pit of your stomach as you climb the rollercoaster track. It’s the neurotransmitters that dance around your body when you meet a love interest for the very first time. It’s all the commercials you watch before Oscar Sunday and Ellen DeGeneres’ conviction when she tells 47 million viewers that she is about to produce the most retweeted photo of all time.

That feeling is anticipation, a major key to happiness and a vital tool in successful marketing.

Like many celebrities, DeGeneres spent the weeks leading up to The Oscars promoting the award ceremony and engaging potential viewers on social media. Once the event went live she told a few well-timed jokes, as hosts tend to do, and made her big announcement. DeGeneres informed America that on this night she would generate the most retweeted photo of all time. She repeated this idea throughout the three hour broadcast, molding the doubters into believers and the believers into supporters.

The hype that DeGeneres created caused the likes of Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Copper, and Julia Roberts to join in on the group selfie. Cooper turned the Samsung Galaxy horizontally, pushed a button, and all of the sudden the dream became a reality. The photo immediately went viral on Twitter, boasting nearly three and a half million retweets. In just under one hour, the record previously held by Barack Obama’s account, had been broken.

DeGeneres’ achievement is a crucial lesson for all leaders, business owners, and visionaries. Successful marketing is all about building excitement, creating a buzz, and attracting outside support. If you have that great idea, and you have the support of your followers then there’s no telling just how much success you can anticipate.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

By nature we are all curious creatures. From a young age we find ourselves asking “Why?” as we attempt to make sense of the world around us.  A great question may leave us pondering the universe; it may puzzle or enchant us.  In law, it can be powerful tool when it comes to a cross-examination, […]

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Law Firm Photoshoot with Brian Smith and Twin Lens Media

Just this past week Qlegal held another successful video shoot with Brian Smith and Brian Tortola. We have used Brian Smith for a number of legal photo and legal video projects in the past. Brian has been doing legal and corporate photography in Boston for a number of years and we have worked with him […]

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The Quality of Your Lunch

A recent study from the California staffing firm OfficeTeam, took a look at how American workers eat lunch. The survey was conducted by interviewing over 400 workers in the US. The goal was to understand the eating habits of US workers. Read more.  

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The Third Place

I was recently re-reading the books by Howard Schultz about how he created the idea for Starbucks and how he came back to take the helm again. Pour Your Heart Into It and Onward. I think the main take away for me was his dedication and drive but also his focus on quality and customer experience.  Read more […]

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What do you like?

Have you ever asked your clients and customers, what it is they like about working with you? “What do I do really well?” “What do you like about working with me?” You might get some important information,  something about why people buy from you in the first place and then why they stay with you […]

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Twitter: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Twitter went public on Thursday, with its shares originally priced at $26 — higher than first expected. According to CNBC, executives at the company have been spending time on Wall Street and visiting other major cities to promote the forthcoming public offering. Yet, despite their efforts and the overwhelming popularity of Twitter as a social media […]

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All (Everything) is Local: The Exception

We all know the axiom that “all politics is local” — well, in the days of the Internet you can pretty much fill in the blank. In the case of Blockbuster you might say: “All quality is local,” or “All entertainment is local.” Too local, maybe. How is it possible for a company — a […]

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Trans Fat No More!

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has put forth a proposal to begin measures to completely eliminate the use of artificial trans fat in food. The proposal, open for comment from the public for 60 days, seeks to ban the use of trans fats by deeming them unsafe.  To do this, they propose using the […]

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