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The Eclipse and the Internet’s Silent Scream of Change

Annie Dillard’s Total Eclipse via @WNYC @NewYorker

Listening to Annie Dillard reading her amazing piece of writing from an earlier essay in the New Yorker, made me realize how life and business (and the Internet) in many ways can be like a Solar Eclipse. You don’t see the darkness coming, the change, the disruption, the application that can change the way you live and connect to the world. You can predict it, like the Eclipse, but you can’t control your reaction to it or the forces that come from change.
“The second before the sun went out, we saw a wall of dark shadow come speeding at us. We no sooner saw it than it was upon us…We saw the wall of shadow coming and screamed when it hit.”
Even when we realize change is upon us, we scream, we rail against the new way. Nothing really prepares you for the moment it comes. In the way that Claude Debussy said, “Music is the space between the notes,” life is made up of the silence between the screams.  It’s our reactions to the hard times and the changes that determine our direction in business and life.
It’s something to think about personally and professionally not only what’s coming (change for sure) but how can we steel ourselves against the shadows be they external or internal or the impact of that change? How can we be our own Eclipse? How can we innovate and rise to meet the challenges the world (and the Internet) will throw our way and do better and be better than before and be a light against the darkness.

Great Planet Money Podcast about Google Anti-trust Case in EU

I heard a great audio podcast that explained the case against Google and the case for Google. It goes into great detail and explains the founder of (a price comparison engine that was dropped from Google’s search engine almost entirely.) Listen for more here.

Speaking at The Mass Bar Association – Avvo’s First Impression

Last month I had the chance to speak at The Mass Bar Association…. Content marketing specialist Kristen Lovett, and search engine optimization guru Francis McGovern will help you learn how to use online marketing target to new clients, enhance relationships with your existing clients, and raise your visibility. Read more…

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Speaking at Suffolk University Law School

Earlier this month I had the chance to speak at Suffolk University Law School to a group of young law students who would be taking the bar and starting their careers as lawyers  in the following year.  I wanted to give them some good advice about Legal Marketing. read more….

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Small Business Content Marketing: Is it Worth It?

As a small business with limited time and resources, you may be wondering if content marketing is really worth it? With larger companies that have greater funds and more employees, it may seem like an easier question for them to answer. But all companies, both large and small, can reap the benefits of content marketing, […]

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Optimize Your Location for SEO Success Before Expanding to Neighboring Markets

At Qseeker, most companies that we work with want to focus their SEO efforts on a localized search area, and for good reason. Local SEO is key to successfully targeting markets and clients for businesses working in a certain area on the map. Sometimes, however, it is tempting for companies to want to expand their […]

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Cultivate an Inbound Marketing Strategy Targeted towards Customers Who Want to Find You

If you own a business, then you are probably familiar with “outbound marketing.” But is it providing the biggest marketing bang for the buck? It employs traditional marketing tactics that include print advertising, direct mail, sales calls, commercials and billboards. Although some of these strategies can be effective in the long run, these advertisements are […]

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Online Marketing: A Must for Small Businesses in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, businesses are not only reflecting on the past year but also looking ahead to 2017, including analyzing their yearly budgets. In particular, small businesses have more limited financial resources and need to be smart and efficient with their dollars. Every small business will have a marketing budget, and there […]

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Google’s mobile-first index: Is your website ready?

I think most of us would confess to using our smartphones as our go-to devices for web searching and browsing. Given the on-the-go nature of our lives, our mobile phones are always with us and easily accessible. For this reason, at Qseeker we understand the importance of optimizing clients’ websites for search engines across both […]

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The Power of the Niche

At Qseeker we believe in the importance of the niche, that by understanding your very specific target market, you can succeed. You may feel that your small business and website is at an SEO disadvantage when competing with bigger sites, but there are strategies you can use to get more targeted and niche search engine […]

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