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Parents Opt Out of Common Core Testing

Common core testing has been a hot debate in education for a while. The Common Core is a set of academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). It outlines what a student should know and be able to achieve at the end of each grade level. Many teachers, parents, and students are against this type of constant testing, because they believe it puts extreme pressure and emotional stress on children. Others believe it takes away creativity and free thinking, and that education has been reduced to teaching for students to pass a test. Read more

Facebook May Depress You

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and thought, oh no, another vacation to Hawaii? Yep, it’s the woman who just got the promotion at work who has the perfect husband and baby and now she is taking her sixth trip to Hawaii in three years. Sigh. It all sounds so exhausting, especially when comparing yourself to others, who may or may not be giving you the full truth. Actually, it may be downright depressing.

At least that’s what the experts at the University of Missouri found. In a recent study that polled 736 college students who used Facebook for an average of two hours a day, many reported feelings of envy after seeing their friends’ virtual lives. The fascinating part is that researchers found that it isn’t the heavy use of social media that spurs these feelings, it’s the frequent use. HuffPost cites this about the study: “The researchers found that while heavy Facebook use was not linked directly to depression, frequent users who experienced feelings of envy were more likely to identify with statements corresponding to depression. These tended to be users who compared their own lives to friends’ photos of luxurious vacations, status updates about good news and so on.”

Envy is one thing. Depression is another entirely. Yet as cited by the study’s co-author, users must remember that people often only post positive things about themselves on their social media accounts. It’s all about the presentation, and the presentation may be farther from the truth. It’s best to examine your own life and realize that no one is perfect, and perhaps maybe you are also presenting yourself as “too good to be true” on Facebook. Either way, social media is often a façade, and nothing beats real-life interaction and friendships. For more information on this study, please visit the article on huffingtonpost.

Congratulations to Legal Marketer Katie Rutter

At Qlegal we like to recognize some of the great people working in the legal marketing field. One of the most talented, smart and easy to work with legal marketers in Boston is Katie Rutter of Katie Rutter consulting. Katie is the president-elect of the legal marketing association’s New England Chapter. Congratulations Katie! Read More

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SEO Lessons from The Lean Start-up – When to Pivot or Persevere with your SEO Strategy

Earlier in the year I read The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries – The idea is that there is a scientific approach to start-ups and getting the results you want. Ries presents the idea of pivoting or persevering, changing when the fundamentals of the start-up don’t work or staying the course when they do. Do […]

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Why Ongoing SEO for Clients Never Ends

One of the things that a client needs to understand about SEO is that the playing field is not level.  It’s something that must be communicated about expectations and results. Trust is built when you are honest about results and predictions come true and you do the work. If you don’t obtain results in a […]

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In the Plex – Short Note on a Great Book

This is another great book about Google. It’s a really well written take on Google from Steven Levy. It’s long and in-depth but reads really well. Levy is an excellent writer. There is some great info on how Google was founded and the challenges, new products and people, and the search engine’s leadership. Steven Levy does a […]

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The Lessons from Google’s Employee 59

I just finished the book by Douglas Edwards. I Feel Lucky The Confessions of Google’s Employee Number 59. The Lesson for me that stood out in Doug’s book is that you need to pay attention to quality and opportunity. It is both an irreverant and thoughtful look at the early days of Google up until […]

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The Pollution in Your Kitchen

Pollution is a widely shared concern among Americans, and for good reason. But when you consider pollution, you may be failing to include a common cause of pollution that hits incredibly close to home — in your own kitchen. Even if you clean your kitchen until it sparkles, there is an underlying health concern posed […]

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Cool Idea for School Gifts & Group Gifting

Just stumbled across a cool idea for Group Gifts for teachers and coaches. HipChip (a cool name too) I have four kids and they do many activities and if the coach and teacher is great then you want to do something for them. .. Read more at

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SEO & Your Law Firm Redesign – Looking Your Website in the Mirror!

Sometimes when we look in the mirror we like what we see. Sometimes. Other times maybe we know we need to make a change. We just want to look better. Maybe it has been three years or 4 years or really 5 years or more since you have redesigned the firm’s website. What is it […]

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