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In the Plex – Short Note on a Great Book

This is another great book about Google. It’s a really well written take on Google from Steven Levy. It’s long and in-depth but reads really well. Levy is an excellent writer. There is some great info on how Google was founded and the challenges, new products and people, and the search engine’s leadership. Steven Levy does a really interesting job at explaining the history and different phases of Google’s growth and development, from the China challenges to social networking. Google is really about smart people and how they have pushed quality to new limits and possibilities.


The Lessons from Google’s Employee 59

I just finished the book by Douglas Edwards. I Feel Lucky The Confessions of Google’s Employee Number 59. The Lesson for me that stood out in Doug’s book is that you need to pay attention to quality and opportunity. It is both an irreverant and thoughtful look at the early days of Google up until it went public. Doug worked in marketing at Google and was one of the few non-engineers back when Google was a start-up until it became public. His book accounts how oftentimes he was swimming upstream against the tide of Google (really Larry Page) and then Marissa Mayer. Granted you only get to  hear his side of the story and not that it is unflattering of other Googlers, it just seems that they were so smart and driven to create the best product and were the most ambitious that nothing really could stop them. Doug recounts that with admiration. Also you get the real feeling that it is Larry Page that was the visionary behind Google (without taking anything away from Sergei Brin.) Those in the SEO space will get an interesting behind the scenes look at Matt Cutts and some of his adventures in search quality. It’s a great read and there was a great quote that really sums up the secret to Google.  “If we can’t win on quality we don’t deserve to win at all.” – Larry Page

The Pollution in Your Kitchen

Pollution is a widely shared concern among Americans, and for good reason. But when you consider pollution, you may be failing to include a common cause of pollution that hits incredibly close to home — in your own kitchen. Even if you clean your kitchen until it sparkles, there is an underlying health concern posed […]

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Cool Idea for School Gifts & Group Gifting

Just stumbled across a cool idea for Group Gifts for teachers and coaches. HipChip (a cool name too) I have four kids and they do many activities and if the coach and teacher is great then you want to do something for them. .. Read more at

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SEO & Your Law Firm Redesign – Looking Your Website in the Mirror!

Sometimes when we look in the mirror we like what we see. Sometimes. Other times maybe we know we need to make a change. We just want to look better. Maybe it has been three years or 4 years or really 5 years or more since you have redesigned the firm’s website. What is it […]

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“The Untold Story of Larry Page’s Incredible Comeback.” by Nicholas Carson from Business Insider

Great article by Nicholas Carson on Larry Page and how he returned as CEO of Google.

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SEO for Private Schools and Universities

If you are the head of school at a private school or the director of communications at a private school or college, you are faced with many challenges. Not only do you have to help maintain the quality of the educational experience of your students, but you are also watching over their welfare, communicating to […]

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and 3.3 Million Retweets)

It’s the feeling in the pit of your stomach as you climb the rollercoaster track. It’s the neurotransmitters that dance around your body when you meet a love interest for the very first time. It’s all the commercials you watch before Oscar Sunday and Ellen DeGeneres’ conviction when she tells 47 million viewers that she […]

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Are You Feeling Lucky?

By nature we are all curious creatures. From a young age we find ourselves asking “Why?” as we attempt to make sense of the world around us.  A great question may leave us pondering the universe; it may puzzle or enchant us.  In law, it can be powerful tool when it comes to a cross-examination, […]

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Law Firm Photoshoot with Brian Smith and Twin Lens Media

Just this past week Qlegal held another successful video shoot with Brian Smith and Brian Tortola. We have used Brian Smith for a number of legal photo and legal video projects in the past. Brian has been doing legal and corporate photography in Boston for a number of years and we have worked with him […]

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