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Healthy Food, A Hotel Trend for 2015

Do you love going to a fancy hotel and ordering that juicy burger for room service? You’re certainly not alone. For instance, the Chicago Marriot O’Hare reports its Marriot Burger as its bestselling item. However, guests are pushing back and asking for more healthy options, and more and more in 2015, healthy food drives customer decisions. Now that customers have access to potential likes and dislikes of every hotel on Earth with a mere tap on their smart phone, they will choose what they like. And hotels know they must cater to potential and current customers . Read more….

The FCC’s Net Neutrality Ruling and What It Means For You & Your Local ISP or Telecom

We’ve won! The FCC approved net neutrality, which means we can binge on Netflix until our eyes fall out of our sockets. As defined by Google, net neutrality is “the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.” According to the FCC ruling on February 26, 2015, under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, the FCC treats ISPs as public utilities. Therefore, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that the policy ensures “that no one—whether government or corporate—should control free open access to the Internet.” As of now, the immediate future, the Internet is free and open to all of us, and we won’t be charged extra for streaming Netflix, Hulu, and so on. Read more

How to Prepare Your Child for a Private School Interview

Kids can be playful, adorable, and incredibly intelligent. And perhaps your child encompasses all three of these qualities. If you are a parent who wants to prepare your young child for a private school interview, you want these good qualities to come across to the interviewer. However, what if your child is human—like all of […]

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Net Neutrality Wins in 3-2 Vote

Net neutrality has sparked legitimate concerns among Americans. For example, will costs from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) skyrocket if this principle is not adhered to? Or most importantly, will we still be able to watch a 12-hour binge of Netflix for the one monthly price? Net neutrality is defined as “the principle that ISPs should […]

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Parents Opt Out of Common Core Testing

Common core testing has been a hot debate in education for a while. The Common Core is a set of academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). It outlines what a student should know and be able to achieve at the end of each grade level. Many teachers, parents, and students are against […]

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Facebook May Depress You

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and thought, oh no, another vacation to Hawaii? Yep, it’s the woman who just got the promotion at work who has the perfect husband and baby and now she is taking her sixth trip to Hawaii in three years. Sigh. It all sounds so exhausting, especially when comparing yourself […]

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Congratulations to Legal Marketer Katie Rutter

At Qlegal we like to recognize some of the great people working in the legal marketing field. One of the most talented, smart and easy to work with legal marketers in Boston is Katie Rutter of Katie Rutter consulting. Katie is the president-elect of the legal marketing association’s New England Chapter. Congratulations Katie! Read More

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SEO Lessons from The Lean Start-up – When to Pivot or Persevere with your SEO Strategy

Earlier in the year I read The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries – The idea is that there is a scientific approach to start-ups and getting the results you want. Ries presents the idea of pivoting or persevering, changing when the fundamentals of the start-up don’t work or staying the course when they do. Do […]

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Why Ongoing SEO for Clients Never Ends

One of the things that a client needs to understand about SEO is that the playing field is not level.  It’s something that must be communicated about expectations and results. Trust is built when you are honest about results and predictions come true and you do the work. If you don’t obtain results in a […]

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In the Plex – Short Note on a Great Book

This is another great book about Google. It’s a really well written take on Google from Steven Levy. It’s long and in-depth but reads really well. Levy is an excellent writer. There is some great info on how Google was founded and the challenges, new products and people, and the search engine’s leadership. Steven Levy does a […]

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